UK Cheese Pre-Rolls


UK Cheese is an Indica dominant strain (80% Indica / 20% Sativa). This strain packs a pungent amount of THC, between 20-23%. A famous cannabis pleaser, originating from the British Isles, by combining Skunk #1 and a hybrid Sativa strain, this cheese strain exists.


UK Cheese Pre-Rolls

UK Cheese Pre-Rolls, simply because it was created in the British Isles. If you are on the lookout for a strain that offers an inspirational high that keeps you happy, motivated, energetic, yet comfortable, then look no further—treasure found.

This pre-rolls will gain a larger appetite as soon as you open your sealed tube for fresh quality. If you suffer from stress and pain, this strain will help you change lanes, this way, you can experience a body that is perfectly relieved and a mind that is focused on euphoric zen—UK Cheese deserves a ten. Available as 0.5g and 1g single joints, 5-packs, 10-packs, 25-packs, and 50-packs. Every joint is perfectly rolled and packed in an airtight seal with a Boveda moisture pack to deliver absolute freshness.


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